Word of the Year

Word of The Year

Tallgrass does something funny called Word of the Year (WOTY for short).  At the beginning of each year, we encourage folks to prayerfully consider picking a growth word -- something they want to cooperate with God to grow in spiritually over the upcoming year.  It could be a character quality, spiritual discipline, or something else.  We ask them to get the honest input for their WOTY from those closest to them -- especially their spouse or best friends.  Then those interested are invited to share their WOTY with each other so we can encourage and pray for one another. You can do that via the submission form below as well as using the hashtag #TGWOTY on social media.

To submit your 2021 WOTY, click below:

To view our latest list of WOTY submissions, click below:

For more on WOTYs, including how to come up with your WOTY, check out the worksheet attached below as well as these applicable messages (including a few back from our New Hope Church days!):

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