Looking for the (Risen) Lord

Speaker: Ben Deaver
Scripture: John 20:11-18



If Jesus wasn't actually, physically resurrected from the dead, Christianity is worthless. It's not enough for Jesus to just have risen metaphorically in the hearts of his followers, his physical body had to begin breathing again and rise from the grave by the power of God. But how can we reasonably conclude that this miraculous event occurred in history? In this teaching, we put the Resurrection to the test and discover that even if you don't consider the Bible to be divinely inspired or even historically reliable, the weight of objective evidence still rests on Jesus of Nazareth dead, buried, and raised to life! Curious? Check it out and consider for yourself.

To study more about this, including the Minimal Facts approach, check out The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus by Habermas and Licona.

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