New Normal

Speaker: Ben Deaver
Scripture: Jeremiah 17:7-8



Due to the unprecendented coronavirus pandemic, we're pressing pause on our Acts teaching series and focusing in on a new series called New Normal: Personal Renewal in Pandemic. We're convinced that God is inviting us into something new and profound through this unique season: personal renewal! We don't want to just get through this pandemic so we can get back to business as usual. No, we want to be fundamentally and divinely changed such that we never go back to where we were, but move forward into something new and better together. Somewhere that none of us have ever been before. Somewhere wild and real where God is at work in power making everything new in our city and nation. We want nothing short of a revival in our land! But history teaches us that, invariably, corporate renewal begins with personal renewal. And this current season of disruption could be just that divine invitation for each of us into real personal renewal. We believe it is!

So we're going to slow way down over the next few weeks to lean into this together, focusing specifically on rediscovering and reclaiming personal habits and practices that have proven from generation to generation to lead us each into personal renewal, growth, and vital connection with God Himself. Jeremiah 17:7-8 likens this kind of personal renewal to a tree whose roots go deep so that it grows strong and is able to withstand the heat and drought when it comes-- not just for it's own life, but so that it can continue to produce fruit for the blessing of others, even in the midst of difficulty and stress when most trees draw inward and go into survival mode. That could be you. That could be us.

If you missed it, tune in with us for this "Digital Gathering" and plan to join us next Sunday at 10am via Zoom (preferred - just download the free app then click the link: or Facebook Live and let's see together what God might do!

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