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Since Tallgrass is now pursuing merging with The Well, a Wesleyan church in Manhattan, KS, we wanted to learn more about their denomination! So we sat down with Nate Rovenstine, District Superintendent for the Kansas District of the Wesleyan Church and Lead Pastor of Connect Church in Lawrence, along with Brian Smith, Lead Pastor of Westview Community Church in Manhattan, and Josh Siders, Co-Pastor of The Well to talk all about the Wesleyan denomination. Not only did we address 12 common questions, but also got to hear these men's heart for God and the mission of advancing His Kingdom. If you have any questions after listening to this chat, please contact Ben Deaver or Josh Siders and they'll be happy to find out!

If you'd like to jump to a particular question, here are the timestamps:

  1. Why are you excited about being Wesleyan? (6:23)
  2. What about entire sanctification? (17:03)
  3. Where has the Wesleyan denomination fallen short? (27:01)
  4. If the Wesleyan denomination is so great, why have so many people not heard of it? (30:20)
  5. How does church structure and polity work? (35:42)
  6. Who owns the buildings? (41:10)
  7. How much money do we have to give back to the denomination? (44:00)
  8. What do Wesleyans believe about baptism? (47:57) 
  9. How do you reflect Christ and uphold scripture? (56:32)
  10. What about your view of women in ministry? (1:00:05)
  11. What are the historical roots of Wesleyanism? (1:04:54)
  12. How does the denomination invest in church planting? (1:07:26)

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