Father's Day Panel

Father's Day Panel


To celebrate Father's Day we're having a panel of a couple dads talk about being a dad! The panel will consist of Ken Goodyear and Ricky Greeve with Ben Deaver facilitating.

Ken Goodyear is on the Navigators People Resource Team and has provided Soul Care for many in the Tallgrass family. Ken met his wife of 43 years, Diann, when he moved to Russell, KS at age 16. They have three daughters and one son, their oldest being 40 and youngest 34. All three daughters live in Kansas City and their son lives here in Manhattan, KS. Ken and Diann’s twelve grandkids go from age six up to eighteen. Ken has served as an elder at Faith Evangelical Free Church multiple times over the last 25 years. He’s recently rotated off the Elder Board and is very focused on their Soul Care ministry. Diann has also spoken at various women’s retreats over the years. Ken loves anything cowboy (which is easy to pick up on) and Diann loves to create things. We’re so thankful to have Ken on our Father’s Day panel!

Ricky Greeve is an Elder and LIFE Group leader at Tallgrass Church and owns Greeve Construction. He and his wife, Amalie, have four kids—Christian, Zachary, Hope, and Charis. The Greeves have a huge heart for adoption and cats. The newest addition to their family is Amalie’s horse, Zoe. Ricky is a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo and Karate and has learned to never bring a knife to a gun fight. Lastly, Ricky loves ice cream.

Ben Deaver is Lead Pastor at Tallgrass Church and avid LeBron James fan. He has two kids and one dog. You can learn more about him by friending him on Facebook and/or following him on Instagram and/or grabbing coffee and/or lunch with him sometime.

Here are the types of questions that will be addressed:

  1. What was your relationship with your father like? How did that influence you as a father?
  2. How did you parent as a young dad?
  3. How have you seen God restore any years that were lost (or seemed lost)?
  4. What would you have done differently as a dad? What would you have done the same?
  5. What’s it been like for you to move towards your kids in their adulthood?
  6. How has God used your journey as a father in your own life?
  7. What have you learned about the father heart of God on your journey as a dad?
  8. How has it been being a grandfather?
  9. What words do you have for dads in blended families?
  10. How would you encourage moms to spur on the dads?
  11. What encouragement and/or wisdom would you give young dads today?
  12. What encouragement and/or wisdom would you give to anyone who had or has a difficult relationship with their earthly father?
  13. What Scripture or other resources would you encourage dads to explore?

You’ll also have a chance to ask your questions as well. Plan to join us during our normal Central Gathering time to reflect on being a dad and relating to God as our Father!

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