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Tallgrass has a special place in our heart for those seeking to provide a loving home for children in need.  Whether this is through adoption, foster care, or respite care, we want to champion and support Tallgrassians trying to meet these vital needs.  We also believe that adoption is one of the most powerful pictures of the Gospel; the Scripture tells us that through Christ's work on the cross, those who have put our faith in him are quite literally adopted into God's family.  So it would seem that adoption has a special place in our God's heart as well (indeed, he came up with the idea!).

Tallgrass engages in Adoption Care specifically by supporting families in the process with both resource, relational, and financial support.  

Adoption Resources

Book Recommendation: Adopted for Life by Russell Moore

Domestic Agencies:

International Agencies:

Orphan Care Agencies:

Other Resources

Financial Support

There are a number of avenues to pursue for adoption-related financial support:

Additionally, some funds are periodically available through Tallgrass!  A portion of donations to Tallgrass (currently 5%) are allocated internally to an Adoption Assistance Fund (others can donate to this tax-deductible fund as well).  We allow Tallgrassians to apply for adoption assistance as funds are available.  We also approve, on a case by case basis, fundraising for adoption expenses through this Fund.  All funds are released as reimbursements for adoption related legal and administrative expenses, based on submitted receipts.

Adoption Assistance Application

If you are interested in applying for Adoption Assistance through Tallgrass, please download the form below (available in both PDF and DOCX formats).

If you have any questions about Tallgrass's Adoption Care ministry, please contact us at

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