New 7 Pillars Group Starts This Month

7 Pillars of Freedom

Real freedom is possible for those who struggle with unwanted sexual behaviors and relationship issues! But as many have discovered, "trying harder" just doesn't work - even from a Christian perspective. These groups are different from most other accountability and support groups. The Pure Desire approach doesn't just focus on behavior management but on the deeper work needed to discover and heal from root issues -- and all of it within the context of community with a small group of others on the same journey. If you're ready to take the next step in your healing journey, consider jumping in the next round of our 7 Pillars of Freedom groups for men that launches this month, September.

7 Pillars helps men gain a greater understanding of the addiction process and how to break free from unwanted sexual behaviors, providing the safety, support, and tools needed to establish lifelong healing and freedom. Biblically and clinically based. These high commitment small groups typically run for about 10 months and have 4-6 people.

For more info including how to join, contact David Geldart in person or via email ASAP.

More about our church's Sexual Health and Freedom Ministry, including the 7 Pillars of Freedom resource, check out

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