The Chopping Block

TCB #11: Getting to 70%

Are you busy? If so, check out this brand new episode of The Chopping Block as we head to Sparrow Coffee to chat about getting down to ~70% scheduled capacity so we can better respond to opportunities for good works as they come up, often unexpectedly. True productivity in the Kingdom of God means intentionally pushing against the culture of busyness by creating some space in our lives so we can actually live and love most efficiently and effectively.

TCB#10: The Daniel 9 Prophecy

In our newest episode of The Chopping Block, we dive into the prophecy from Daniel 9 which predicts the exact date the Messiah would enter Jerusalem and be killed -- accurately pinpointing Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection date from hundreds of years beforehand! Skeptics and believers alike will benefit from investigating this, one of the most astounding passages in the entire Bible! Check it out!

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